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Benefits of Membership

  • vote at the AGM and for the Board of Directors of the PLCA

  • attend events hosted by the Pike Lake Community Association (PLCA)

  • receive the annual Pike Lake Post

  • receive discounts through the Federation of Cottager's Associations for services, items and publications.

  • get access to the Members Section of the PLCA Website

  • get access to the Pike Lake Community Association Facebook Group

  • receive information on a range of subjects such as how to keep Pike Lake healthy, fire safety at the cottage, getting tick smart, and how to keep your cottage safe when you are away. 

Membership Details 

Types of Membership:

  1. Property Owner Membership (full voting – maximum of 2 memberships per property).

     The Member may be either:

  • A registered owner of the property

  • A spouse, child or blood relative of a registered property owner

2. Associate Membership (limited voting – maximum of 2 per property)

     An Associate Member may serve on a Committee but may not hold a position on the Board. Voting privileges are stated       in the Constitution which can be found on the Governance page of the website. 


A property owner may designate another person to act on their behalf in the Association, either for the full membership year or for a specific period of time. The designated individual has the full rights and privileges of the Owner.


Membership Dues:

Dues for each category of membership is currently $30 annually. 

Notice: Photographs taken at PLCA events may be posted on the PLCA website or included in the newsletter. Please advise us at if you or your guests do not wish to have your photo used.

Membership Application or Renewal

To become a member or renew your membership, a completed membership application/renewal form and payment of the annual fee must be received and processed by the Association. 


NOTE: Only a registered Pike Lake property owner can submit the membership form. Property owners must submit this form to enroll themselves or another person as members of the Association.


The form can also be used to nominate a Designate for the Membership year (Jan – Dec). To designate someone for a specific period of time, send an email request to with information about the designated person (name, email, phone) and the time period desired.

The easiest and most efficient way to submit your membership is as follows:

1) Complete the online Membership Application/Renewal form which you can find here

2) Send an e-Transfer for $30 to



    Mail cheque with your name printed on the signed cheque to: Pike Lake Community  

     Association c/o: 

    348 Pike Lake Route 1, Perth, ON K7H 3C5



Q: What is the term of my membership?

A: January 1 - December 31.

Access to the PLCA Facebook Group and the members section of the website is available to current Pike Lake Community Association members. Access with a previous year's membership ends on the last day of the month in which the AGM was held for anyone failing to renew their membership for the current year. 


Q: How do I get access to the Members-only pages of the website?

A: Current members can click the “Members Log In” icon and “Sign up” to get access. Once your membership is confirmed you will be notified that you have access. Go back to the “Members Log In” icon and choose “Log In” this time.

Once you enter your email and password you will be logged in and you just need to click on the members log in icon again and “My Account” to access the pages in the members’ section.


Q: How can I become a member of the Pike Lake Community Association Facebook Group?

A: If you are a paid-up member of the Association, you can become a member of the Pike Lake Facebook Group.


If have a Facebook account and want to join the PLCA Facebook page, please send your request directly to the “Pike Lake Community Association” Facebook Page Administrator through Facebook.


If you do not have a Facebook account and want to transfer your access to a family member, partner or friend or wish to give a second person access, please have them send a request to the Pike Lake Community Association Facebook page Administrator through Facebook. 


Q: When must the membership form and payment be received for the member to vote at the Annual General Meeting?

A: The membership form and payment must be received by the Membership Coordinator before the call to order of the Annual General Meeting. 

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