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Here are some bits of helpful information for life on and around Pike Lake. Let us know if you see any info online that your Pike Lake neighbours might be interested in seeing. 

Cell phone and Internet Service Coverage

December 2020 Update


Below please find the most recent information regarding cellular and internet service in the Pike Lake area.


At a December 2nd Tay Valley Township meeting, Kurt Greaves, Chief Administrative Officer of the County of Lanark, updated councillors on efforts underway to improve, over the next few years, cell and Internet service across eastern Ontario.  On the cell front, a $213 million project championed by the Eastern Ontario Regional Network (EORN) will see construction begin next year to bring inaugural or better cell service, over 2021-2025, to 99% of residences, businesses, and arterial roads throughout the region. 

On the Internet front, EORN aspires "to bring fibre [optic] service to every home in Eastern Ontario."  This could be a $1.2 to $1.6 billion investment requiring contributions from federal, provincial, and municipal governments.  As explained last week by Mr. Greaves, the County of Lanark is proposing specific municipality by municipality projects cost-shared 17% by the County, 17% by the given municipality, 17% by customers to benefit from the service, and 50% by the company (i.e., the Internet Service Provider) eventually chosen to undertake the project.

The PLCA will keep you updated as further information becomes available. 

Spring 2020 Cell Phone & Internet Service Coverage Survey 

In an effort to identify gaps in cellular phone and internet service coverage in and around Pike Lake, the Pike Lake Community Association sent an on-line survey to 130 members of the Pike Lake community who are on the PLCA email distribution list. Survey participants were asked to answer 10 questions related to the level of cellular phone and internet service coverage at their lake property. 

You can read the Executive Summary of the survey and see maps of the coverage by clicking on the following three  documents:

Foley Mountain Family Fun 

Foley Mountain Conservancy Area has introduced a new feature for summer family fun in the already popular park. Story boards have been added to the trail within the park. The Foley Mountain Story Trail Adventure currently features the popular children's story The Gruffalo.  The trail is easy to traverse for children of all ages and is wheelchair, wagon and stroller accessible.  

You can read the media release from Rideau Valley Conservancy Authority by clicking here.  

Gypsy Moth Invasion



Gypsy moths are swarming, and the potential destruction of trees

in 2021 when the eggs hatch into caterpillars is concerning. It has

been reported this is the worst infestation of gypsy moths in our

area in 30 years. Pike Lake Association Members have asked for


John Murphy, PLCA Vice President, has been in contact with Tay

Valley Township. The Township had already approached the

Provincial Government which declined any support. The Township

has approached Lanark County and is waiting for a response.

There is extensive information available from various websites. One of our members posted an Ottawa Citizen article on the PLCA Facebook site and members have suggested the following websites:

This news article references the current problem in the Tay Valley:

This website from the Invading Species of Ontario provides a general overview of Gypsy Moths: 

This is a great article with helpful information and practical tips and "how to" information:,and%20limit%20the%20pest's%20spread.




Join the Lanark Gypsy Moth Challenge 


You can read about the challenge at the

                                                                                      Lanark County Facebook page

Don't invite bears to the cottage

As you can see from this picture, we have some furry friends around Pike Lake. According to Bear Wise, most problems between black bear and humans occur when bears are attracted by the smell of and rewarded with an easy meal. When bears pick up a scent with their keen noses, they will investigate it. If they are rewarded with feasts of garbage, pet food or bird food, they will return.


Some ways to reduce the risk from the Government of Ontario website:

  • store garbage in containers with tight-fitting lids and store in a bear proof location, take garbage to the dump often;

  • fill bird feeders only through the winter months; offer bird natural alternatives in spring and summer (e.g. flowers, nesting boxes, fresh water);

  • when grilling burn off food residue and wash the barbecue grill right away;

  • plant non-fruit bearing trees and shrubs or pick all ripe and fallen fruit from any fruit trees and shrubs on your property; 

  • do not leave pet food outdoors, in screened-in areas or porches. 


For lots more information, click here.

This photo taken October 2019 by Linden Davidson, near Pike Lake. 

Watch your Wake 

Here are some excerpts from a paper written by a Pike Laker on the impact of boat wake. As the paper noted, we may not all be as familiar with the impact of boat wake as with the rules of water safety and responsible boating. You can read the complete paper here

Impact of Boat Wake 

  • The larger the wake, the greater the potential for undesirable side effects. 

  • Wake can drown the nests and young of Loons, & other birds.

  • Inexperienced swimmers & young children can be toppled by the size & energy of boat wake.

  • Boat wake & prop wash can churn up sediments in shallow water which releases dormant nutrients that promote weed growth & algal blooms.

  • Boat wake can cause erosion, particularly in Grants Creek.

  • Boat wake can cause docks & moored boats to rock severely.


How You Can be Wake Wise 

  • Be aware of the size of your wake during displacement, transition & planing speeds. 

  • Position your passengers through-out the boat in order to reduce the time spent in transition speed .

  • Look behind you to see & understand the impact of your wake on shorelines, docks or other structures. Adjust your speed & direction to minimize the impact. 

  • Respect the shoreline zone. Reduce your speed to less than 10 km/h within 30 metres of any shore including the narrow channels between the islands & in Grants Creek. 

  • Water-ski, tube, & wake-board well away from all shorelines. Try to make use of the entire length of the lake. 

  • Consider the size of the wake produced when purchasing a new boat for Pike Lake. 

Be Tick Smart: Lyme Disease is in Ontario

Ticks carrying Lyme disease are found around Pike Lake. These black-legged

ticks (also known as deer ticks) attach to birds which migrate from place to place,

bringing this health risk. While Lyme disease is easily treated when detected early,

it can have serious and permanent health consequences if left untreated.

Ticks can affect your pets as well as yourself.


Below is some information from the Government of Ontario website. For lots of other great info click here.


How to avoid getting a ticket bite:

  • Cover up - wear light coloured clothing, (so it's easier to see ticks), closed-toe shoes, long-sleeved shirts, long pants, tucked into your socks;

  • Use insect repellent - one that says "DEET" or "icaridin" on it and put on your clothes and exposed skin, reading labels for directions on use; 

  • Put clothes in the dryer on high heat for 10 minutes before washing - to kill any ticks which might be on them; 

  • Check yourself and your children after being outdoors - look behind your knees, on your head, in your belly button, in your groin area, in your underarm area, on the back of your body using a mirror;

  • Shower as soon as you can to wash off any ticks;

  • Check your pets for ticks - check your pet's skin and remove any ticks. Ask your veterinarian about options to keep ticks off your pets. 

  • Maintain your property - keep grass mowed short; trim bushes and tree branches to let sunshine in; create a one meter border of gravel or wood chips; remove leaf litter, brush and weed at the edge of the lawn; move children's play equipment away from wooded areas and consider placing on wood chip or mulch foundation.  

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