2022 Pike Lake Community Association Events

  • September - Date TBD - Proposed Sep 10, 17
  • Please let us know of your interest by August 31, 2022
  Hiking Rock Dunder

Rock Dunder is a fabulous hike at any time of the year, but in the fall with the colours of the leaves turning, it's a fabulous experience.  

We thought it would be fun to get a group of Pike Lakers together to do this iconic hike in our own backyard. We can car pool to save on our environment and gas money and get a group rate as well. If there is interest there are a couple of possible stops to either eat or pick up fresh farm produce and other fun edibles nearby.     

Good shoes/hiking boots are definitely recommended, as there are a variety of surfaces traversed and it can be wet and muddy if it has recently rained. The Summit Trail climbs to one of the highest points in the area, so there is definitely some vertical gain, but it's a very gentle rise and no one will be racing to the top. 

Further information on the area can be found on their website by clicking here.  And information on the trails can be found clicking here.  

If you are interested in participating please send an email to info@pikelake.ca. Nearer the end of the summer we'll be in touch to set a firm date.  

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October, 2022 Date TBD

At the Annual General Meeting of Members held on Junee 23, 2022 the members approved a motion to allow for constitutional amendments to be approved at a Special Meeting of Members as well as at the AGM.  This will allow for a special meeting to be held in October to discuss and approve constitutional amendments as recommended by the Constitution Committee.  


Watch this space for details.   

2022 Completed Events
     2022 Dock Sale - June 4

      The Pike Lake Life version of a yard sale!

      Some pictures of Dock Sale June 2022 
Generic Dock.jpg



When opening up next spring, be sure to set aside gently used items that other Pike Lakers might be able to use and turn them into cash!  What a great way to be environmentally responsible by recycling and reusing.  

We encourage you to register as a vendor (no cost!) using a simple form.  We'll keep track and communicate to our members a list of those Pike Lakers who are selling things.                  

June 25 2022 Annual General Meeting


A successful AGM was held on Saturday, June 25th, 2022 in Stanleyville. A huge thanks to everyone who came out on a gorgeous June morning, and to the volunteers who did such a great job of organizing an interesting and informative meeting.  

See all AGM documents on the Governance and Members Only pages.  

July 2 - Boatilla and Barbecue


Congratulations to organizers Jen Sinclair and Ian Forsyth for ordering up a fabulous day for our 2022 Boatilla and Barbecue. Approximately a dozen boats met at the south end of the lake at 11:00 am and slowly made their way up the lake toward Grants Creek and their passengers added to the approximately 60 barbecue guests at the Duguid property. Hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, freezies, chips and beverages were provided by the PLCA and beautiful and tasty cupcakes were graciously made and supplied by Brenda Duguid. If anyone got a picture of them, please email it to info@pikelake.ca! Or if you have pictures to add to this gallery, please email them to info@pikelake.ca or post to the PLCA Facebook Group page.  

So much effort and imagination went in to all the decorated boats and the lucky winner, The Senators boat received a gift certificate donated by O'Reillys Pub, in Perth.  

It was great to see at least 3 generations of Pike Lakers in attendance with the under 12 crowd well represented! Many commented on how great it was to be able to see friends and neighbours in person.  

Thanks again to the Duguids for allowing us to use their lovely property.  

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       July 30 - Boat-In Movie 


A huge thanks once again to the Fowlie and Sibbit families who hosted the 11th annual boat-in movie night.

The night was warm and calm - perfect weather conditions for the numerous boats, from pontoons to kayaks, who tied up for the evening's entertainment. 

2022 was a diversion from previous years as the hosts chose to feature the original Top Gun movie as opposed to a true children’s/family film. Young children present were invited to the cottage for their own age appropriate films. 

Boat-In Movie host, Kent Fowlie, showed up wearing a 1970s F18 fighter jet helmet.


Guests were treated to bags of popcorn.

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