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AGM 2023 - June 24th

The 2023 PLCA AGM was held on Saturday, June 24th with more than 35 members in attendance. Those who attended said they found the program interesting and enjoyed meeting up with neighbours they hadn't seen for a while.    

It was an election year and a huge thanks to the following Pike Lake volunteers who were elected.


PLCA Board for the 2023-2025 term:


                               President - Lois Johnson (Events Director)

                               Vice - President - Jen Sinclair

                               Treasurer - Nancy Johnson

                               Secretary - Vacant


                               Directors at Large:

                               Allison Bone

                               Ian Forsyth (Membership Director)

                               Alexandra Hincke (Lake Steward)

                               Susan Niles

                               Kathy Noxon (Communications Director)


Documents used for the Annual General Meeting can be found in the Members Only section of the website. Presentations made at the AGM will be added in short order.  And the presentation by RVCA will be posted to the Lake Stewardship page.   

Our sincere thanks to the 
Board of Directors 

The following was your Board of Directors for 2022-2023:

President (Interim) - Kathy Noxon

Vice President - Jim Tasker

Treasurer - Marty van Gaal

Secretary - Jen Sinclair

Communications Co-ordinator - Kathy Noxon

Lake Steward - Alex Hincke

Membership Co-ordinator - Ian Forsyth

Directors at Large- Allison Bone, Lois Johnson, Susan Niles

Our thanks to this group of great volunteers!  

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