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2021 AGM Documents

AGM reports have been posted

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A huge thanks to
Board of Directors

President: Naomi Fowlie                               


Vice President: John Murphy                         


Treasurer: Martin van Gaal                             


Interim Secretary: Jen Sinclair                          


Past President: Adrienne Fowlie-Larocque                       

Interim Lake Steward: Alexandra Hincke 

Membership Coordinator: John Duguid         

Communications Coordinator: Kathy Noxon                   


Directors at Large (2): Vacant                 


Congratulations and Welcome
to the
Board of Directors


The PLCA is pleased to announce the Board for the upcoming term:

President - Lois Johnson (interim)


Vice President - Jim Tasker 


Treasurer - Marty van Gaal


Secretary - Jen Sinclair


Past President - Naomi Fowlie


Communications Coordinator - Kathy Noxon


Lake Steward - Alexandra Hincke


Membership Coordinator - Ian Forsyth


Directors - John Murphy (interim), 2 vacancies