The summer of 2019 will be noted as the endless dog days of summer. Here we are in late August still experiencing hot days and warm evenings.  As an update to the July 6th AGM, the Pike Lake Community Association (PLCA) has been working on behalf of the community helping to reunite owners with lost watercraft, assessing buoy locations and answering a myriad of diverse questions. 
This year we purchased and installed four more buoys for additional locations based upon input from our members. We have received many compliments from people on the lake as they view this as a valuable safety program.
In early August the Pike Lake Community Association Facebook site was launched with over 20 people signing up within the first two weeks. The site encourages sharing of fun items, photos and information relevant to Pike Lake. Amazing pictures of the big island eagles can be viewed. We encourage members to share information they believe will be of value to readers. The site facilitates in getting information out quickly.
Access to the Federation of Cottagers’ Associations (FOCA) website and its benefits are also available to PLCA members. These include discounts for magazines, cottage insurance and research articles. 
If you are not an active member of the PLCA or are new to the Pike Lake and area community, I welcome you to join. This can easily be done through electronic payment or by cheque. Have questions? Send an email to
Best wishes, 

Naomi Fowlie 

President, Pike Lake Community Association