Long, hot summer is how we will remember this vacation year. 

I am trusting too that this summer will be remembered for the bight yellow buoys that were installed this year thanks to Linden Davidson and his group of volunteers. The Pike Lake Community Association (PLCA) has received numerous compliments on this initiative at the information table that was set up at the public boat launch, events and when we have been out on the water talking with people. Many of these individuals have hit one or more of the now marked hazards over the years. They mentioned how the project would positively enhance everyone’s boating experience. 

The Annual General Meeting of the PLCA, along with an election for a new Board, was held on July 14, 2018, followed by a delicious BBQ. Thank you to our outgoing Board who provided strong leadership, a new constitution and the initiation of special projects and events over the past two years. Their passion and love of Pike Lake resounded with all of us. Thank you to the following for their roles for the past two years: Adrienne Fowlie Larocque, President; Terry Kimmel, Past President; Linden Davidson, Vice President; Martin van Gaal, Treasurer; Suzanne Forget-Davidson, Communications; John Duguid, Membership; along with members at large Jack Anderson, Kristine Martin, and Cheryl Fosberry. I would like to thank Kristine and Cheryl for their leadership in chairing the Constitution Committee. As a thank you to her outgoing Board, and to introduce them to the new Board, Adrienne hosted a brunch.

At the Monday August 6th Board meeting all portfolios were filled which attests to the sincerity and commitment by all the elected board members to this organization.  We, as Pike Lakers, are fortunate to have a team that brings a great deal of experience, wisdom and thoughtful advice to the PLCA. Volunteers have already stepped forward to indicate their interest in helping Board members with various tasks.

Sultry evening, still water and starlit night gave us perfect conditions for the seventh annual movie “boat-in” on Saturday August 4th. With 17 boats, it was estimated that over 100 enthusiastic movie goers came out to enjoy the family entertainment. The experience was enhanced thank you to new equipment purchased by Grant Fowlie.

With the continued sweltering summer weather, I wish you the best for safe and pleasant cottaging.

Naomi Fowlie, President

Pike Lake Community Association