COVID-19 and Pike Lake 
Below are some websites which describe COVID-19 mitigation measures relevant to our Pike Lake community. These measures are changing on a regular basis so we suggest you check these resources frequently. If you have suggestions for additional websites that might be helpful please send them to here
Leeds, Grenville and Lanark District Health Unit 

For information directly from the Health Unit that covers the Pike Lake Community, you can find their website here

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Tay Valley Township Resident Services and COVID-19

Tay Valley Township has put together a page on their website with information regarding the Township's resident services during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It covers: closures of township owned facilities; cancellations of programming; and modifications to council meetings, waste sites, building permits, property tax payments, etc. 

The webpage can be found here.  

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Township of Rideau Lakes and COVID-19

The Township of Rideau Lakes has a page regarding COVID-19 on their website with links to appropriate sources for Pike Lakers in that Township such as Rideau Lakes e-news, the health unit, the Leeds Grenville County site, Hospital websites and government sources. 


You can link to that website here.  

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The Town of Perth and COVID-19

The town of Perth website provides lots of information regarding the effect of the pandemic on the town. You can find up to the minute information on town facility access, event cancellations, and re-opening information on their COVID - 19 page.

The webpage can be found here.  

Perth & District Union Public Library
Your Library is Still There for You during COVID-19 Pandemic 

Many facilities of the Library are available during various stages of the pandemic including curbside pickup, drop box and computer access. 

To find information on the current status of the library opening, please check the Library website by clicking here

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2021 Canadian Loon Survey

In 2020, Birds Canada let the Pike Lake Community Association know that the 2020 Canadian Loon Survey was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and concern for the safety of volunteers and staff doing data collection and reporting. It's unfortunate but Dr. Doug Tozer, the Birds Canada Director of Waterbirds and Welands, has advised that "one year of missing data in a long-term dataset does not have much of an impact on our ability to calculate trends over many years." Given the changing conditions regarding the pandemic in 2021, you can check on the current position of Birds Canada regarding the ongoing effects of COVID-19 here.


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