Presidents Message: Summer 2015

The Pike Lake Community Association (PLCA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on July 4th at the Stanleyville Hall with what, in my experience, was a record turnout of close to 100 people. The main agenda item was the election of the three officer positions that the Board agreed to redo after several people challenged the election process at last year’s AGM. The minutes of the meeting will be posted on the website once they have been completed.

I began the meeting by thanking all those who volunteered and participated in the Boatilla and BBQ on the previous weekend. We had over 90 adults and children attend. A hit at the BBQ was the “bug talk” that Adrienne Fowlie-Larocque, our lake steward, organized. We all learned a lot about the creatures that inhabit our lake water. The Johnson family won the best decorated boat for the second year running with their elaborate Swan/Pike Lake ballerina boat. A big thank you goes out to John and Brenda Duguid for again providing their property and energy to making this event such a success. At the Boatilla we recognized the significant volunteer contributions that were given over the years by Kay Rogers and Pat Shore.

I also put to rest the rumours that the Board had been hearing as it distributed the Pike Lake Post. It seems that these rumours were started to discredit the Association and Board members. To be clear, the Board has never considered shutting the boat launch, limiting power boat engine size, stopping fishing, closing the trailer park or making us all buy new septic systems. Not only have we never discussed these, we have no interest in doing them, nor do we have any authority to cause these to happen. The Board is a volunteer group, elected by the members, to keep the lake healthy by fostering environmentally responsible use of the lake and the surrounding ecosystem and by promoting safe and respectful recreational activities and a sense of community.

The election process confirmed Sandy Alexander as Secretary, Glen Bond as Vice President and Anne Ruggles as Treasurer. The remainder of the Board remains the same.

Board members presented reports related to activities of Lake Stewardship, Finances/Treasurer, Communications and the Constitution Committee. The Constitution Committee will bring forward a new draft Constitution prior to the 2016 AGM.

A portion of the meeting was taken by members who feel the Association has been too political in its activities. They referenced such things as the Love Your Lake program, the Township plan and what has been referred to as the Lake Stewardship Plan, a document that was shared with the Township some years ago. It was agreed that the Stewardship ‘Plan’ is actually not a plan at all but a Handbook with practical how-tos about actions we can take to keep the lake healthy. The Handbook was produced after considerable dialogue with the membership and others around the lake.

As a result of the different views on the above topics it has been agreed to hold a community meeting in the early fall where contentious issues can be discussed openly and honestly in the spirit of reaching mutual agreement and bridging the divide that exists within the membership. Stay tuned for more details.

I have had the pleasure of witnessing a large number of green herons on the lake this year. There are as many 6 herons in one family located near my cottage. Our area seems to be at the northerly edge of their expanding range. 

We’ve finally had some summer weather and the lake activity has picked up. Here’s hoping it continues and we continue to enjoy our summer on the ‘greatest little lake in Ontario’.

Terry Kimmel

President                                                                                                            Pike Lake Community Association                                                                        RR3, Perth Ontario K7H 3C5