The leaves change colours and fall, and another season comes to a close.  Reflecting back, I am proud of what we collectively achieved this past year; a new constitution, a new flagship marker buoy program, and a fantastic pig roast and family fun day to celebrate our long history at Pike Lake.

The winter is typically a quieter time at the lake, with seasonal residents closing down their properties.  However there is never a dull minute with the PLCA!  Planning is well underway for next year.  For example, the Marker Buoy Committee (led by Linden Davidson) has been busy developing and putting into action their plan to roll out the marker program in 2018. Our Communications Committee (led by Suzanne Forget-Davidson) is fleshing out a Communications Policy, to help make sure PLCA messages and other information important to members and the broader community reach the right people at the right time.  These concerted efforts continue to advance our goals for a safer and healthier Pike Lake, and will put our Association in a good position for when the new Board (2018-2020) takes over following the election at the 2018 AGM. 

And so, though a few of us may be away from Pike Lake, Pike Lake is still close within our thoughts and hearts!

See you in the spring.

Adrienne Fowlie Larocque
Pike Lake Community Association
RR3, Perth Ontario K7H 3C5