Presidents Spring Update - April, 2016

As the days get longer and warmer we cottagers begin to think about another great season on Pike Lake, while envying the the full-timers who get to enjoy the lake year round!

This has certainly been a warmer than usual winter. I’m told that the ice fishing season was really short.. John Duguid reports seeing a pair of loons on the lake on Boxing Day...that could be a first! While cottagers may be able to get a jump on the season, that warmer weather put a damper on putting rock on the ice for our third spawning bed. We had a contractor lined up to help us move the rock but, in the end, decided not to risk it.

Following the informative September Town Hall meeting the board has held three meetings to address some of the feedback which was received. Specifically we are being more open in our communications and have been posting our meeting minutes on the website. Read those minutes if you get a chance as they give you an idea of the sorts of topics that come up for a board response. In addition the News Section of the site is updated with information which we believe will be of interest to you. For example, some members wondered why lake levels fluctuated so much during the season and so we contacted the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry to understand the fluctuations and that response can be found on the website.

Our Board minutes also reflect that a Constitution Committee, led by Kristine Martin, and including Board and non-Board members, has been updating our Constitution to clear up some areas of ambiguity and to make the document more current. You should be able to view the draft document on our website by June and we plan to introduce that draft Constitution to the membership at the 2016 AGM. A vote on the changes would be held at a subsequent meeting after PLCA members have had a chance to review.

According to the existing constitution this is a year where we elect a new slate of Officers and Directors. The Board has agreed to follow a process similar to the one we used in 2015. That is, we will accept written nominations from members as long as they have been put forward as candidates by two members. And, to avoid some of the confusion of the last AGM, the nominations must be received a week before the start of the AGM. A non-Board election team is in place to manage the process. Stay tuned for the application forms to appear on the website.

And finally I would like to leave you with a couple of key dates. The first is that our annual Boatilla and BBQ will be held on Saturday, July 2nd. More details to come on this but do plan to attend as it is an opportunity to meet your neighbours and enjoy a great day on the lake.

The second date to remember is for our Annual General Meeting which is planned for July 16th at the Stanleyville Hall. This year it is extra important to attend because, as mentioned above, Board Member elections are this year.

I look forward seeing you at the Boatilla/BBQ, at the AGM and around the lake.

Terry Kimmel

President                                                                                                            Pike Lake Community Association                                                                        RR3, Perth Ontario K7H 3C5