Pike Lake Community Association Members
The new year has arrived. For many it is a time for resolutions, reflection and plans for 2020. The Pike Lake Community Association (PLCA) Board will be going through a similar process.
We have closed off another productive year for the PLCA. The buoys, after floating in the lake for two summers, were stored for the winter; loon survey submitted to Birds Canada. The Facebook site is consistently active with submissions of articles relevant to cottagers and permanent residents. Thanks to participants we get to view stunning, “professional level” photographs. 
Vice President, John Murphy has been leading a Membership Committee. A key project of this group is to ascertain how the PLCA is perceived by its current and past members, ideas to improve, as well as input on projects - current and future implementation. Survey Monkey, an online service, was used, as well as those who do not use the internet were approached and asked to complete through Canada Post. Thanks to our dedicated and vested members we received a nearly 70% return rate. Past members also graciously completed their form with a high return rate. 
A full report on the survey will be presented by John Murphy at the 2020 Annual General Meeting. Processing of the data is ongoing, however several key findings and recommendations have been identified: strong agreement that the main focus should be on the health of the lake with updates on water quality and any ecological issues; strong agreement on the hazard buoy placement; and, members agreed with the frequency and level of information distributed throughout the year. The Pike lake Post is well read however there was a leaning towards distribution to members only. Interestingly, this point was made by both current and past members. Due to cost financially and in volunteer time, the publication and distribution of the Pike Lake Post has been well debated by both the current and the previous PLCA Board. Hence, based upon the survey results, and after further debate and a motion at the December 3, 2019 PLCA Board meeting, it was decided that the Pike Lake Post will be available only to current members. 
Kay Rogers has again graciously offered to publish the Pike Lake Post. This is a timeconsuming endeavour. I, along with the many others who read the Pike Lake Post, truly appreciate her creativity and work on the project. The PLCA Board is having a meeting January 8th. If there is something you wish discussed or brought to our attention at this or a future meeting, please let us know at info@pikelake.ca  I will include it under “other business” on the agenda.
I wish you the very best for 2020 and hope the new years brings you new opportunities and possibilities.
Naomi Fowlie, President  Pike Lake Community Association