President's Message

Summer is at its peak, and I personally am pleased to be maximizing my time at Pike Lake.  For me, this has meant enjoying lazy days by the water and lively dinners under the stars with friends, family and neighbours. 

As I gaze across to see the remnants of the recent fire at Big Island, I am reminded of the importance of neighbourly relations and a sense of community for creating a safe and healthy environment.  Thank you to all those who called 911, to those who offered up boats and hard labour to keep the fire at bay, and to the PLCA Board 2014-16 that published a follow-up article in the Perth Courier to remind everyone of the risks of fire.

For me, the Pike Lake Community Association is an important means for developing that strength of community.   Joining the Board has offered me the chance to meet even more of my fellow “Pike Lakers”, and I look forward to building enriching relationships over these next two years.  I am pleased to say that the 2016-18 Board has already had its first meeting, where we discussed our hopes for our term.  Already, we are developing a strategy to strengthen two-way communication with our members of past, present and future; addressing suggestions that were raised at the AGM; and considering options for a signature initiative to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary and our history at the Lake.

We are particularly excited to be building on the determined efforts of previous Boards under the leadership of my predecessor, Terry Kimmel.  This includes initiatives such as walleye spawning bed enhancement, and continuing the discussions on constitution review, prior to bringing constitutional issues to vote in 2017.    Already I have had a taste of the lively debate this has initiated, on such fundamental topics as “who should be a member?”.  I am looking forward to meeting more of you as we further explore these questions at the Town Hall at the end of August.

I encourage you to help build your community by getting involved in your Association.  Stay tuned, and I hope see you at Stanleyville Hall on August 27th, 9 am – noon.

In the meantime, enjoy a safe and happy summer!

Adrienne Fowlie Larocque

President                                                                                                            Pike Lake Community Association                                                                        RR3, Perth Ontario K7H 3C5