With warmer temperatures our attentions turn once again to the lake.  This year when you look out to the water you will see something new – 17 hazard marker buoys!  

I am pleased to announce that after several years of volunteer effort, the PLCA has launched its signature safety initiative – the hazard marker buoy program. This is a tangible and ever-present reminder of what we can achieve as a collective; working together we can make our community safer and our environment healthier.  Special thanks to the members of the marker buoy committee who implemented the program: Hubert McInnis, Lee Sumner, John Murphy, Peter Noonan and Linden Davidson (Chair). Thanks also to John Duguid who constructed the permanent anchors.

Please show your support for this and other PLCA initiatives by renewing your membership and encouraging your neighbours to do so as well. To make things as easy as possible we have introduced the means to submit forms and to etransfer membership fees via info@pikelake.ca. Instructions on this new method will be emailed to members in mid-May, and posted on our website. 

Also mark your calendars for the AGM and family social at the Stanleyville Hall on July 14th. I am excited for us to hold our first Board Elections under the newly ratified Constitution, putting to the test the processes that you the membership accepted to put in place last year. It is wonderful to see this come to fruition after so many years of community consultation, lead by the Constitution Committee: Kathy Noxon, Naomi Fowlie, Bart Poulter, Mark Godby, Kristine Martin and Cheryl Fosbery (chaired first by Kristine and then Cheryl), as well as many others who have contributed over the lifetime of this initiative. The formal call for nominations will be sent to members on May 14th, and posted on our website.

The above are the culmination of multi-year efforts by Pike Lakers, and warrant a celebration! Please join us for our family friendly “Let’s Celebrate Pike Lake” BBQ immediately following the AGM on July 14th. The event is free for members and children, and only $10 for non-members over 14 years old.

See you at the lake!

Adrienne Fowlie Larocque
Pike Lake Community Association