Update on Community Meeting

About 50 of our members attended the September 12th PLCA Town hall meeting that was organized as a result of the issues raised during the July Annual General Meeting. The objective of the meeting was to highlight these issues and find a way to work towards a common understanding and agreement among all members. The meeting was facilitated by Jeff Kohl, a professional facilitator, whose services were paid for by the Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition. The 12 themes identified during the meeting were followed with ideas about how they might be addressed by the association. Mr. Kohl will prepare a full report for the Board that will be shared with the membership. His report will form the basis for a Board and community action plan over the winter. I am confident that we have a good start to rebuilding a healthy Pike Lake community.


Terry Kimmel

President                                                                                                            Pike Lake Community Association                                                                        RR3, Perth Ontario K7H 3C5