updated Feb 6, 2014

Pike Lake Community Association Receives 2013/14 FOCA Achievement Award

 Congratulations to the Pike Lake Community Association Board of Directors and its loyal members for receiving for this prestigious award. Check out the letter from FOCA on the News page!

Each year the award is given to one of FOCA’s 500+ member associations.  The winner is chosen by the FOCA Board of Directors from a short-list of nominees who have realized significant accomplishments benefiting Ontario cottagers in general, or demonstrating innovation in their work with members and the surrounding area.

The Pike Lake Community Association was chosen this year because of its environmental stewardship activities and political involvement. These activities include:

•             Created a responsible boating information guide to educate lake residents in response to concerns about erosion, loon nests and safety of swimmers (article adapted for FOCA website, FOCA Elert and Boats and Places magazine).

•             Improved local lake ecology by: creating walleye spawning beds in 2012 and 2013 (Received a $4000 grant in 2012 from the MNR); water testing with the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority’s Watershed Watch program; involved in the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey; septic inspection program; and committed to participate in the Love Your Lake Program.

•             Established a committee to prepare input from the Association for the Tay Valley Township’s Official Plan update.


previous update December, 2013

For those of us with seasonal cottages we closed them several months ago after another fine season at “the greatest little lake in Ontario” where the weather was often wet but acceptable and water levels were high. Although most of us are in cottage ‘hibernation’ mode your Community Association is still active. This winter we will establish our second walleye spawning bed. Once the ice is thick enough we will put 50 tonnes of rock over a shoal in the lake that has been identified as a potential walleye spawning zone. When the ice melts the rock will drop to the bottom and create an ideal spawning bed. It’s too early to tell the success of our efforts last winter with the first spawning bed but we will monitor both sites in the coming year.

Our “Boatilla” team is actively planning our 3rd Annual Boatilla for the Canada Day long weekend. This year, although being postponed a day due to weather, we had well over 100 attendees. It is a great way to meet other cottage owners.

The Board of Directors has formed a committee to respond to the Tay Valley Township Official Plan. Since our objective is to keep Pike Lake healthy we are going to respond to a number of items raised in the plan such as Waterfront Buffer, Climate Change, Significant Woodlands, Dark Skies, Low Impact Development, and Wetlands. Both Board and association members make up the committee.

2013 was the first year that we participated in the Canadian Lakes Loon Survey. We will continue to support this survey to provide information on loon counts on Pike Lake. Volunteers are always welcome to help us provide good data. One disturbing incident this year involved the drowning of a baby loon in the backwash of two jet skiers who relentlessly circled the parents and baby loons.

At the July AGM the lake members approved that we undertake a lake survey by the Centre for Sustainable Watersheds (CSW), including a general report on the shoreline of the lake. This survey looks at the shorelines of all properties and provides advice to property owners about the state of their shoreline with respect to its contribution to lake health. Property owners will have an opportunity to opt out of this survey if they choose. We are awaiting a reply from the CSW to see if their schedule permits a survey in 2014.

Stay tuned for a new lake map in 2014. We have been updating the lake map. It should be available at the Boatilla and AGM.

Our membership in the association was down in 2014 to fewer than 100. I encourage you to make a point in 2014 to support the association and the work of the Board in addressing the many topics that support keeping our lake healthy and building a strong Pike Lake community. Watch for the Pike Lake Post delivered to your door (no community mailboxes for us) in the spring and be sure to complete the membership form.

Have a great winter and we’ll see you on the lake in 5 months or less.

Terry Kimmel                                                           President                                                                                                                            Pike Lake Community Association                                                                                                                                                RR3, Perth Ontario K7H 3C5